Welcome Malik Monk

Cool to see him reunite with Fox but I don't see this as a game winning move unless he takes another large step forward offensively. Needs to average an efficient 17ppg to really make this a winning move.

His defensive metrics are still in the tank and he really hasn't improved defensively much at all throughout his career. The roster just got more lopsided with the subtraction of DDV and addition of Monk.


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If it's a Monk for DDV "trade" then it sucks; this team just got worse and the idea of improving the Kings' defense is a joke. Will have to wait and see if he's designated the starting SG or if the real SG is picked up later.
You guys had a great draft and this Monk signing was a good one. He may have to be your 6th man which isn't a diss. The last step for you guys should be trading Barnes for whatever/whomever. I would say John Collins, who can play PF with Sabonis or C with Murray.

But going back to Monk, this was a great signing. I just know production wise, owning him in fantasy that he was on and off hot & cold. But going from Fox to Westbrook at PG should help a ton.