Welcome Len and Parker

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Anyone know if they're making their debut tonight?
Both were dealing with injuries in Atlanta and I got the impression that both were on the order of a week or so away from returning. I don't think either will play tonight, even if the trade is finalized with the league.
I wish both of the new additions success whether it’s with the Kings or with another team, but I don’t necessarily have high hopes that they will be real difference-makers in Sacramento. I really think the trade that brought them on board was more about financial maneuvering for the coming off-season than adding specific talent. Nevertheless, if Parker can stay healthy, perhaps he lend a bit of a scoring punch as a rotational player. The downside is that he is not regarded as a solid defender, so that could be problematic on a squad that is already below-average defensively. Len is on an expiring contract and I really don’t expect him to return next season and/or play anything other than more than spot minutes for the remainder of this campaign.


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Show us what you got!

(We used to have these threads all the time...)
That was before the vitriol spilled over and polluted almost every thread. ;)

Welcome to the Kings! If you're just here for the remainder of the season, cheer from the sidelines. If you're gonna be here next season, I look forward to seeing both of you healthy and on the court. We could use your help!



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Who said I’m being cynical? I would have signed Jabari Parker to a huge deal like 3 offseasons ago, whenever he was a free agent the first time.

(Proving I’d be an elite NBA level GM!)
I would have said the same thing as @Turgenev. I've read your stuff for years and I still have trouble telling whether you're serious or not, especially when it's A. Something positive and B. About the Kings.

Just sayin''... ;)
A warm welcome to both and no better time to resurrect your careers. Len is legit big, looking back at his 2013 nbadraft.net profile he scored 96 with some serious skills. I’m not sure if it’s a case of not translating to the pros or injuries. Parker, barring an appetite for defense should have been an allstar.


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I'd like to see them on the floor. As if the Kings didn't have enough injury problems, they trade for two guys with injury problems. Here is a toast to your everlasting health, gentlemen!