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  • Requesting bit of help. Having trouble keeping our SoCal KingsFans thread as stickie so as to attract as many fans down here as possible. Now have 21 saying they are going to the Kings@Clips game at Staples on April 7 but having trouble getting them to see the thread to get the info they need to send me payment and get updates.

    Having originally be on since 1998 or so and being a retired CEO and all, maybe I could get permission to post our occasional threads, as appropriate, as stickies. Don't really want to be a moderator unless a grandpa of teen age grandsons and big time geek is of interest.

    Let me know about being able to do stickies.

    aka Rick Fay
    Jeremy if you would like to you can use what I made for the Save Our Kings twitter and facebook profile. They are posted in the Save Our Kings thread. If you would need an alternate tagline or a resize I can do some edits. I just hope it's not too late.
    Nice picture! Over at Apple we are all excited about this week and what is going to announced.

    It was said that this summer is going to be very exciting for Apple. Can't wait to see what is happening this next week :D
    Do you work for Apple? Just wondering because of the logo :D

    I work at the Elk Grove office, btw.
    I like this system, Jeremy. Please be my friend......oh already are.
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