The Wrestling Thread~

Good lord. That was crazy. And the women's match was fantastic. Set up half a dozen possible angles.

My kiddo has been dying to see a PPV, looks like February Takeover in Portland. Might be one hell of a treat.
That's the best weekend WWE has had in years. They really made some stars/future stars. NXT women might be the best division of any gender in America right now. They were right to clean up last night in both of their showcases. Shayna is probably getting a call up soon and then Rhea will only be a matter of time. FFS she's just turned 23.

UE maybe the best stable in WWE history.

And Keith Lee gets a nice rub while Smackdown takes second place and wins the men's contest which must make Fox happy.

You probably have to go back more than 20 years for Survivor Series to feel this meaningful.

I do not know what this says about Raw's kayfabe draft abilities given a month ago they supposedly got 3/5ths of the top talent. I do find Raw an absolute chore to watch. At this point it is helped by the fact I don't have anything better to do on a Monday night. But I still feel compelled to wait out the Hulu version.


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Takeover was incredible. SurSer wasn’t as good but I enjoyed it nonetheless, though it was probably helped by me watching on a natural high after the Niners win.

Rhea’s going to be a megastar. Becky Lynch level. The main roster has proven me wrong so many times before, but I think she’s as “can’t miss” as I’ve ever seen.

Was it wrong I got a huge kick out of Rey and his son getting destroyed by Brock?

I still can’t stand Roman as a talent, so him getting built back up isn’t going to bring me back to SD any time soon... I’m afraid he’s gonna be the guy to beat The Fiend, when it really should be Daniel Bryan (at WrestleMania after winning the Rumble)

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Survivor Series mostly made me retroactively mad, for twenty years ago: that was what the Invasion was supposed to look like!

Was it wrong I got a huge kick out of Rey and his son getting destroyed by Brock?
Yeah, kinda. But, given your previously stated tastes in wrestling, it's entirely consistent, at least.
I'm no Brock fan but for a match that didn't look compelling on paper and a sure dud for me I thought they told a great in-ring story and got whatever mileage they needed from this. I assume Cain comes back at some point but since he had surgery I don't know how long they can keep pushing it. It's a match that certainly doesn't need a belt when it happens if you ask me.
Rest of you don't seem to talk much about it but AEW last night was probably the worst it's been since it debuted. Not RAW bad, but way too many cooks in the kitchen, and unless all these factions are going to overlap under one leader, they now have 3 mystery-evil factions running at one time. Maybe they should bring in Kevin Sullivan.

Plus Kris Statlander who might be hot shotting to the top is beneath the vast majority of NXT women, imho. And god, this spot where she cartwheels around the ring/opponent and then love taps her forehead. This is supposed to be a fight. Jesus.

I don't understand this.


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I've always liked when guys who beat each other up on the indies/other promotions decide to join forces, and become a tag team. I'd kind of like to see the same thing happen with Lee and Dijakovic.
I’ve been stanning LeeJakovic as a “New Bar” type of tag team since their series of matches. Love those two.