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That mixed tag was better than it had any business being. But at least three of those minutes (more like 7-8, IYAM) should have gone to Charlotte/Asuka.
I forgot this thread existed <3

Does Roman finally slay Brock tomorrow at the GREATEST Royal Rumble? I hope to the wrasslin' gods not, but the skeptic in me thinks they make the change in foreign land where Golden Boy Roman won't be mercilessly booed and he'll look like a hero in future video packages.

For the record, I despise Roman more than I've despised any wrestler ever before. Terrible in every way.
Roman isn't any good on the stick and he can't make a good match with a lousy wrestler but he isn't bad when he is given someone to work with. But more importantly, we need the strap off Brock yesterday. I can't even believe we're where we are now. So much talent wasted and in limbo so they could have put the belt on him at WM and then they balked.
Gotta just give the Universal Title to Braun. He's the guy the entire RAW wagon should be hitched to, and the fans love him.... Or Lashley now that he's back and the fans currently love him.

I still think they're going to keep giving Roman shots for whatever reason. And it starts with him destroying Samoa Joe at Backlash.
So Brock's still the champ, and Roman's probably going to beat Lashley on Monday (making Extreme Rules completely pointless) giving him unwanted title shot #2831 against Brock.

WWE would be so much better if those two dudes disappeared.
Brock yes. I think Roman can be saved.

It is weird they would not have made the stupid ER match the #1 contenders match. I realize they give everything away on the network so PPVs are basically Raws except the big 4 (maybe MitB also deserves a spot). But uggh.
I can't wait for Roman to finally win the title at Summerslam to the adoration of an entire arena booing the hell out of him and/or just leaving to beat the traffic. Best part of PPV's is watching the "Smart" fanbase that attends dump all over the programming.

Abd WWE just doesn't learn. Such a baffling company. Yet I still watch.... lol