The Sabonis Thread

We need both of them at their top game to be dominant, and with Keegan continuing to develop that's our Big 3. If you have big game Keegan with Fox and Sabonis at 90%+ I think we are unbeatable in a 7 game series with the rest of our role players doing what they do.
Agreed! That’s why we should be positive the only player to show up last playoffs was Fox and we should’ve still beat GSW. Another year experience, health (knock on wood), Keegan’s explosion, and Huerter not turning into a brick layer should do wonders for us. If we look at our playoff opponents we stack up good with them and the top 3 players usually dominate unless Jokic/Giannis show up

OKC: Shai, Williams, Chet. I believe we have the best player with fox, second best player Shai, then Williams with Keegan and Chet being close

Minnesota: I believe Fox is the best player followed by Edwards, Sabonis, Gobert, then Keegan

Denver: Jokic, Fox, Sabonis, Murray, then Keegan but the Jokic factor is huge

Clippers: Kawhi, Fox, Sabonis, Harden, PG, then Keegan clippers wings would be a problem

Pheonix: Fox, Booker, KD, Sabonis, Keegan, Beal


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Not to take anything away from Sabonis -- who has been even better than last season which is saying a lot because he was already 3rd team All-NBA last season -- but I also haven't forgotten that Fox was carrying this team back in November with 30+ points a night, unbelievable 3pt shooting, 2 or 3 steals a game etc. while Sabonis wasn't quite locked in yet. I know it's a "what have you done for me lately" world and this is the Sabonis thread, but to say he's carried us this far single-handedly is a bit overstated I think. Fox going supernova for a month and discovering his 3pt shot and Keegan blossoming as an elite defender have also been huge factors in getting us to where we are.
What can't be overstated is the toughness that Sabonis brings to this team. And what is one of the main qualities lacking in this team? Toughness. You take Sabonis out of this lineup for any length of time and this team would be wiped out and wallow in a puddle of gooey mushy softness. We've already seen Fox out and the ship didn't sink. If Sabonis goes out, they're headed for Davy Jones's locker.
At this stage, Domas is really gunning for "Most Underrated Player in the NBA." The guy is basically averaging 20/13/8. That's insanity for a center. His scoring certainly doesn't jump off the page like Embiid's or even Jokic's, but not being one of the last two MVPs is hardly a crime. He's an All-NBA center, and he really should be an All-Star lock, as well.
I guess this is even more applicable as of today...

Apparently there has been quite a few players that did not make the AS team that still made All NBA.

In that research I saw that in 2016, DeAndre Jordan was 1st team All NBA center. (He was not an AS)

Who do you think was 2nd and 3rd?

No cheating if you want to guess.

NBA basically making it official policy that other teams are allowed free fouls against Domas
NBA refs are ridiculous..... they pander to the "stars".... on another play in that game, the ball clearly went out of bounds off of Booker and he complained to the refs and they promptly changed the call to off the Kings..... replays showed it clearly went off of Booker...... it was not even close..... ridiculous call reversal! :mad: