The Other Bogdonavic

Maybe he would give us the shooting to space the floor at the 3 position , so we can start Bagley?
Bogi to start Bogi on the bench
He'd actually be a very good fit for us, at least offensively. Knock down shooter, smart player, makes the right decision. Exactly what we need offensively at SF. We'd be lethal shooting the ball, even moreso than we are now. I'd definitely sign him for the right price. Putting up 16/4/2 now with very good splits so he won't be super cheap.
yeah, he's my plan A for us this off-season. He's really learned how to be an effective offensive role player these past 2 years in Indy and he's as good a floor spacer as their is in the NBA, something we can never have enough of with Fox/Giles/Bagley as our core pieces moving forward.

Having a rotation where we can run 2 of Buddy/Bogdan/Bojan at one time is pretty appealing. Has elite floor spacing at all times.

Dont think he'd break the bank for us either. Probably have to pay the "Sac tax" but it'd be surprising if he'd cost more than 13 mil/season.
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Glad someone finally brought him up. Bojan has been the guy for a while I feel Vlade has identified as his target this offseason. His size, shooting ability, and IQ are exactly what the doctor ordered to pair with our young bigs. I'd take it a step further and say 15 mill per is still worth it for a guy like that.
He is 29, 2yrs 10.5 per year, UFA this summer
But ESPN Article says Pacers want to re-sign him
So we would need to beat all offers? Including Pacers
I would be surprised if we got him at 13-15 mil per yr
Maybe 2 yr with a team option for 3rd?