The ONE AND ONLY Luka Doncic discussion thread

Yea, maybe. The people who dislike him are very vocal which probably influences my figure too much. Then there's people who haven't really talked about Bagley at all. And then there's the people who defend him, but aren't nearly as passionate as the detractors. It's hard to effectively gauge.
Nobody dislikes Bagley. People do comment on how his style is a bad fit for what works with this team, how his lack of development and health are concerns, and that overall he's not living up to the hype surrounding him and where he was picked. None of that is "dislike".
If vivek can't get over luka how the hell is anyone here suppose to get over it?

Vlade is as good as gone. Now vivek has to live with the fact that he hired the guy who passed on a player that could have changed the entire direction of this franchise. Own it vivek, you own a lot of the blame for where this franchise is right now.


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I’ll get killed for this but not pairing Luka with Porzingis/Buddy/Bogi cost us multiple championships. That’s how good this kid is and a a big two of Luka/Porzingis, oh well.
Why would you "get killed" for making the same comment that's been made probably 20 times already in this thread?

In all reality, almost everyone not among the few of you who are still adamantly upset about the whole draft thing has moved on. I don't think your peers will disagree with you. a funny post.
I think you have it backward. In all reality, except for the few here who swear they have moved on from the biggest draft blunder in kings history.......