The Celebrate the '22-'23 Kings Season Thread


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This season was way beyond my expectations. I don't think very many people felt the Kings were somehow going to win the NBA championship so that suck you are feeling at watching the season end was going to happen sooner or later. But what makes it suck is that I've enjoyed watching this team so much now and I have to wait until the fall that's way different than feeling that my team sucks and I'm hoping they get better.
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You got it!

Please note that this is the "celebrate the season" thread, not the "dump on the coach or team" thread. I'm not putting up with any of that nonsense here.
Thank you Kings for an effort full of heart this season. We could not have asked for anything more of you. You gave it your all - left it all out there. Went waaaaay beyond expectations.
The season was a huge success overall. I know we are all bummed out right now, myself included, but we have to recognize all the achievements we have made this year. We learned a tough lesson today, but all teams get served this lesson at some point. Now it’s ours to take and push to the next level!

Thanks for the greatest season since the early 2000s. Nothing to be ashamed of in the least!
This is just my opinion but if the thread was Called “favorite moments” or “favorite memories” of the 23 season I think we would get longer engagement out of it
Amazing season. Tonight we sucked. An all-time great decided he wasn't going to lose and I can live with that. Steph is unguardable.

We have weaknesses to improve upon. That's Montes job and I'm sure he recognizes them.

I can't describe how proud of this team I am. Absolutely fearless. And if we had shot even close to our average this year, we'd be advancing. We lack experience and tonight showed that.

We will be back. This is just the beginning.

We've been waiting a long time for a year like this. Tonight we'll lick our wounds and tomorrow we'll be back. So proud of our players, coach and fans.



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The '22-'23 Beam Team will live forever in our hearts. Thanks for helping us to believe again! Congrats to Domas, Fox, Murray, and Coach Brown for their awards and accomplishments. Thanks to everyone for that unbelievable 176pt 2 OT win against the Clippers, the 7 game win streak, the DPOG chain, the Game 6 payback win @ Golden State. And above all thanks for giving all of us in Sactown a reason to be proud of our team again! This was so much fun, let's do it all again next year!
I starting following the Kings because they drafted Keegan. What I didn’t expect was to love this entire team, org, etc. A month or so ago I even bought a Kings half zip to sport around where I live.

Haven’t missed more than 3 games all year and I can say it has been some of the most fun I’ve had watching basketball in a while. The saddest thing about losing today was that I can’t look forward to watching this team play again for awhile but I can say even if Keegan plays elsewhere in the future, I’ll still probably root for the Kings regardless.

Grateful to this team for a great experience and for getting me back into watching the NBA.

PS - thank you to this board. Probably the least toxic message board I’ve come across and it has been fun to be part of the excitement. Really happy for all of you that have endured a tough stretch before this season. Congrats! You all should be very proud.


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Today hurts but as someone we all knew and loved would probably put it, though thick or thin,


(She'd also probably add this for good measure)
Yeah, I was also thinking about Christine/VF21 all day today. Nobody would have loved watching this game more, win or lose. It wasn't our day today but the future is bright!

This is probably also the right place to say thanks to all of too! It's been a tough couple of years for all sorts of reasons and there were more than a few times over this long stretch of 16 years where I didn't even want to think about the Kings anymore. I kept coming back here to this board though because it feels like home. It doesn't feel right that she's not here to celebrate this moment with us. I think more than even wanting this losing streak to end for myself I wanted it to end for her and her unimpeachable optimism.


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Took the defending champs to 7 with our two best players gimped up!

Our guys are gonna be hungry next season. Keegan is probably gonna be a 18ppg player as soon as next year, healthy Fox and Domas will continue being a problem. McNair and Brown are about as good a GM/Coach combo as you can ask for....

Future is bright! Go Kings!
It was a great season, been on this board since 2001 mainly lurking. Both my sons got to experience a first Kings Game7 loss, it was hard but told them, it will sting but before you know it next season will here and will be lighting the beam again! I am proud of this team, looking forward to more playoff runs down the road.

A shoutout to kingsfans still going strong for all these years. I prefer this little cove to the the world of twitter and I recognize a lot of the people here, knowledgeable and passionate fans!
From the start, this season felt different, in a way that I didn't expect. I went to as many games as I could, including three playoff games, because I wanted to enjoy the ride as much as I could since these "out of nowhere, no expectations, great team chemistry" seasons only come once in a while, and while future seasons look bright, this season was special in a way that will be unique to this team.

I enjoyed every minute, and look back with happy emotions and a smile on my face thinking about the beam, the DPOG chain team photos, the island boys cameo jingle, all of Mike Browns interviews, the Keegan Murray jokes about how he never shows emotions and his "W" gif and echoing Murrrraaaay after all his makes, Red Velvet and the fans that wore Red Velvet jackets and red wigs to the game, people wearing Saboner custom jerseys, everything about Malik Monk and what he brought to the team chemistry and swagger, and Fox's ascension. What a great season, and I am so grateful that I was able to experience this lightning-in-a-bottle season as a fan.
It is so much more fun going into an offseason in which you know for certain that the Kings will be good. I will be interested to see what happens personnel wise, if anything. I have no clue what we could reasonably expect to change. I like the idea of just letting the chemistry build. Bring them all back!
Thank you for the awesome season and for representing Sacramento. Everybody on the roster will be appreciated for a long time. My favorite part of the season was watching Fox become Him and seeing him enjoy the success he's earned here.