TDOS Cabin by the Lake Movie Draft - DRAFT COMPLETED


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UPDATE: I've been waiting for everyone to submit their rankings.

I just rechecked my list and the following participants have not yet submitted their rankings:

Please submit your rankings to me via Private Message as soon as possible. The rankings determine the seedings for the playoffs.

Thank you!
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Some movies on my list that were not selected in this draft:

Wonder Woman
Deadpool and Deadpool 2
Ender's Game (fairly good adaptation of the book, one of my favorites)
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
True Lies
Hunt for Red October
My Cousin Vinny
Christmas Vacation
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Edit: Since I snagged Avengers: Infinity War, I purposefully avoided any other Marvel flicks but many of them are favorites, with the top ones being:
Captain America: Winter Soldier
Captain America: Civil War

Any of the above could also have ben on my list. I would have been remiss not to mention them.


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Thanks to those who sent in their rankings. I did hear from Padrino, who is "stuck in rural Ireland" without cell service and a weak wi-fi signal. He's going to try and get his rankings to me today. If he does not, I'll go ahead and finish the seedings without him. I was waiting for his input as he was such an enthusiastic participant I wanted to give him as much opportunity as possible.

Double-K also has yet to submit his rankings.

The clock is running and will expire in 24 hours. :)