SuperBowl 55 (2021) Discussion Thread

I'm getting irritated I am getting pushback on my love of the Weeknd's performance "but it wasn't Prince" still. And struggling a bit having to share TB12. Kinda like looking at an ex-gfs instagram page and seeing her happy...
Wow. That's not Jimmy's fault though. But you know, not surprising. He grew up idolizing the 9ers. Whoever dropped the ball there. whoah.

also I think even though I am not a 9ers fans I'd have enjoyed that better than the Bucs winning.


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I can’t fathom a football front office sitting in their office and saying, “Tom Brady wants to sign with us... but we’re going to pass because Jimmy Garoppolo is our man.”

That’s insanity. JimmyG has done absolutely nothing to earn the praise and constant love he gets from this entire organization. It’s maddening.
There's a rumor going round that "the idiot" on the field placed a 50k prop bet that a streaker would get on the field that will net him and his buddy 374k after they pay their fine/bail.