Send Temple Packing Now

No one is going to argue with the professionalism of Garrett Temple.

He plays hard and smart whether his shot goes in or not. But it is time to part ways.

Unfortunately he followed up his 34 point game versus the Magic with a 1-7 clunker diminishing his trade value in the process.

I would like to think there is some market however tepid for the services of a wing defender who can guard 2s and 3s and run spot minutes at the point.

His trade value is diminished by reverting to the 9-year mean of his career FG accuracy of 40% with tick over his career three point shooting at 36% this year (35% for career).

Temple makes just enough threes to keep the defense honest but not enough opponents are worried.

Who can we get for him? Discuss. :)

I think two guys worth targeting are Stanley Johnson and Justice Winslow, two underachievers and former lottery picks needing fresh starts.

These may be long shots to acquire but their teams could use an upgrade to make their respective playoff pushes.

Everyone is focused on the George Hill rumors but Temple needs to be an active name in any and all trade explorations.

We may as well find out if Justin Jackson and Malachi have any future in the league and that time is now.

Thanks for the memories, GT.
You just crapped on Temple yet suggest trading him for you get similar types...defense first guys with avg at best offense. Not sure what is gained by the other teams.

Personally, I'm not opposed to keeping Temple but if they trade him, I wouldn't want a longer contract and it would have to be to a team that could use a defensive asset who can play the 2 and 3. I'd prefer to trade him for a pick and clear a roster spot if we were to trade him but.....don't think anyone will have cap room to make a good deal. HS to be an expiring and pick.
Okc could use him and KK but don't have anything to send back. So could Cle but they seem to think that teams should gift players to them.
Temple is a more productive, more positive influence and better tutor to our young guards then Hill.

He is also cheaper and wouldn't net us anything better in return for all he brings to the table on court. This is not even talking about all he does off court in the community.

If we can get a solid return for him that nets us more younger talent then im all for driving him to the airport but i feel like this wont be the case - honestly everyone will try to fleece us of Temple but no decent offer will be made

At a certain point you cant ship out every vet we have. I am all for keeping Temple and Carter - they are highly positive influences who produce when called upon and are highly respected. I would keep Zbo too if it wasnt for his salary and coaches inclination to run everything through him on offense.

I am going the other way with this. Temple has the ability to be here for awhile and i want him here with these kids. He has the ability to do what Tony Allen did in MEM, he has already endeared himself to the community and is was a great addition to the squad at a no frills cost.