Richaun Holmes Appreciation Thread

He is not fouling as much and is more aware of it.
He really is a difference maker in the middle. He is quick off his feet and has great hands. He is big enough to be physical against anyone. His pit bull attitude is maybe the best part. The guy is a really good defender and getting better with Walton.
He can be a dominant rebounder.
His passing is good and he does not turn the ball over. It can get better.
I really like watching Mr. Holmes make foul shots.
Sometimes you just have to be in the right position to get your chance to really show your skills.

Bagley going down and Dedmon with his slow start
Has been given a great opportunity to achieve good things.

This guy needs to be on the floor as much as possible!

Thank you Vlade
Defense aside (btw he's also switching alot on to the perimeter, yet manages to protect the rim), I really appreciate his ability to finish inside or draw fouls. Super patient, good hands, strong finisher. The anti-JT/every other big we've had the last 10 years.
Let’s be honest, Luke was millimeters from waiting too long to bring Richaun back into the game: Richaun +5, Bagley -4. The defense solidified when Richaun came back in.