Retro jerseys

I got news for the marketing people. That was the design well before 1991-1994. They wore those while in Kansas City/Omaha. And were supposed to wear them in SAC except for the botched color mix up which finally got fixed from 1991-1994 until finally going with the royal colors of today.

Needless to say, I really dig 'em.


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those look just like the baby blue ones but with a different color scheme. If they were to bring back a classic....bring this one back;


truth be told, I'm not feeling the cursive Kings that much. They've tried to re-make them into different colors and they all turn out the same.


Oh heck yah.. Vintage early 90s.. Favorite jersey!

EDIT: thought I put an image here but I guess not!
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Was hoping the rebranding for Golden 1 would go back to the early 90s look with slight updates. I guess it’s moot since the move coincidided with Nike/Silver thinking every team should wear every color imaginable so technically they could wear those without abandoning the whole purple thing which I never cared for.