Remember me?

Well, unless I get a last second miracle I'll be headed down to Fort Bragg, NC after I graduate my officer basic course this Thursday. The last couple weeks have been pretty intense and I've slacked on some important events I shouldn't have missed (fantasy basketball), and am now paying the price (no fantasy basketball in KF for me). But for the most part all is well, I am enjoying my military life quite well, and I will most likely be electing to do some howetown recruiting in the near future to grab a couple days of extra leave...

For anyone who cares, my apologies I haven't been around more, I'm sure there are only a few old foggies that remember me and even less that miss my rants and rave's on everything, but such is grown up life... hope all is well with you.

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Always good to hear from you, JSin. The picture is great, although it almost doesn't look like you. You really have grown up, young man. We are proud of you. Good luck, as always, to you, LT!!!!
Always good to hear from you, JSin. The picture is great, although it almost doesn't look like you. You really have grown up, young man. We are proud of you. Good luck, as always, to you, LT!!!!
This was hour 34 of a 36 hour exercise, where we were forced to stay up and complete all this planning and missions. As you can see in the corner, my counterpart didn't quite make it. I was exhausted.


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Glad to hear from you, Lt. I echo 6th's sentiments. And I'd like to add that I'm very proud to know you.

you look that good after being up 36 hours?! you don't want to see a picture of me with no sleep. ha!

it's always great to hear from you.
great to hear from you J! From what I've been told, Ft. Bragg is alright. Glad to hear your enjoying your choice. Best of luck to you.
Well time for an update, and Brick will be glad to hear that my knees are safe for the time being. I graduated Airborne school, mostly healthy and headed over to Bragg to join the 82nd. When I got here they decided I was far too intelligent for those infantry guys and transferred my to a Military Intellience brigade. So here I am in the 525th, who weeks before I got here lost their active jump status (happy Brick, :mad: ). We should be leaving in the near future somewhere overseas, hopefully somewhere tropical with lots of sand... I want to take my swimsuit :rolleyes:. Until then its looooong days and lots of work.
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And since there was a couple requests for stories that I haven't responded to I'll relive one of the funniest moments in basic training.

In Basic, you have to stand in line waiting for chow (food). You have to get in a snake like line nice and tight (nuts to butt). So one day we are waiting for lunch in out line when one of the drill sergeants notices that one of the privates is standing in line without his hat on. He is the only one.

DS- "Private, WTF are you doing, where's your cover!?!"
Private- reached for head, just realizes he forgot his cover, extreme panic consumes him "I forgot it in the barracks drill sergeant!"
DS- "Knock out 25 and go get it then!"
Private- "Yes drill sergeant!"

The private gets out of line, drops down on the loose gravel and proceeds to knock out 25 push-ups. Recovers and begins to walk away to the barracks.

DS- "Private!"
Private turns- "Yes drill sergeant!"
DS- "Where's your cover?!"
Private looking very confused- "(timidly) I left it in the barracks... "
DS- "Well knock out 25 and go effin get it"
Private with growing fear "Yes, drill sergeant."

The private drops, knocks out 25 and get up to walk away...

DS- "Private!"
Private turns- "Yes drill sergeant!"
DS- "Where's your cover?!"
Private with a growing sense of failure- "The barracks drill sergeant."
DS- "Well knock out 25 and get it"
Private- "Yes, drill sergeant."

This time the private struggles greatly through 25 pushups with everyone holding in giggles and laughter. Once he finishes he 25 this time he doesn't stand, he just takes off like a track star, before he can make it around the corner...

DS- "Private!"
Private- "I know, I know" the private says as he drops and does his 25, this faux game of red light - green light goes on a couple more times before everybody is laughing out loud uncontrollably and the private finally makes it around the corner where the drill sergeant can no longer see him and thus can no longer stop him.


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Thanks for the story, JSin, and thanks so much for checking in. It means a lot to us "old-timers" to know you're doing well. Take care and if there's anything you need we can do for you, be sure and let us know!!!
I post like once a year myself, but I remember you from the days the Kings were actually expected to win games.

...Horry for the win!.... ugh.

Good luck sir.
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For anyone who cares... figured I'd update you on my status. The recent announcement of the Army shifting to 15 months deployments means that my company got delayed 3 months, so we won't head over until September time frame, which is both good and bad. Good because my guys need all the training they can get and bad because I'm anxious to get over there and get it over with. Plus I have friends over there now and I have a little bit of guilt hanging over me for not being there to help them out.