Puma or big baller brand shoes?

Ok this is ment to be light humor!

Since both Bagley and Lonzo were picked 2nd in back to back drafts and have shoe deals here’s my questions:

How many of you bought big baller brand shoes ? (I hope I know that answer)

Since our Bagley has that big Puma shoe contract are you going to pick up a pair or two?

Now for myself if they come in different colors I would buy a pair. Oh yeah if they don’t start out around $600 also.
Puma has made some very good business moves lately which should solidify its place at the table.

Hopefully they can eat into the eroding market share of Under Armour.

I'll see what purple colorways puma drop to go with my game day outfit. Right now i don't foresee them overthrowing my Nike ADs
I no longer play basketball and will not be buying basketball shoes. But. Puma has some history and some sense of style. Big baller is a likely doomed money grab of a man who has publically jeopardised the future of at least one of his three sons. It has no style or history.