Potential Free Agent Signings

I don't know how much you guys have seen of this kid Chris Boucher but I would go after him as a free agent. He is restricted with the Toronto Raptors but he looks like he is going to be the second coming of Pascal. Big time length and athleticism.

I'm not sure about him being the 'second coming of Siakam', when he's more than a year older than Siakam.

Boucher has some upside, but he's skinny as hell and very weak- I've seen PGs box him out successfully.
Too young. Vlade likes old vets, preferably those on their last legs. Only young vets that he has signed have been after thoughts--Seth Curry after his Summer League run and Richaun Holmes who was signed after Dedmon, Ariza, and Joseph.
Make him your stretch 4. Has ability to stretch the floor and put the ball on the deck on the offensive end. He can rim protect on the defensive end. I like him because he has length and skill. I just think he represents the type of player that seems to really excel in the current NBA.