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We used to have a thread stickied to say this, but it seems to have gone away since the board was re-imaged. So, since the issue still seems to pop up occasionally, let me post this reminder:


Currently, the only legal sites where NBA games can be streamed from are:

WatchESPN.com (when applicable, may require a cable/satellite TV subscription which includes ESPN)
TNT Overtime (when applicable)
NEW: CSN Live Extra (note: available to paid CSN subscribers only)
EDIT - ESPN and TNT games may now be available via subscription service to Sling TV. Sling TV claims that CSN is "coming soon"
CSN is available via subscription to Playstation VUE.

If you know of a site which offers legal streams, which has not been mentioned above, and you want to provide that link as a service to the message board, PM a mod with the URL, so that the site in question can be vetted. If the site is found to be legit, it will be added to the list.

You may not offer, or solicit, any illegal streams on this message board. That means you cannot make a post to ask for someone to post a link, or PM you a link, or email you a link, or OFFER a link, either. Putting links to illegal streams in your signature, or messages in your signature inviting posters to PM you for links is also against the rules. Neither may you offer or solicit an electronic copy ("rip" or "torrent") of the NBA's intellectual property.

Posts which attempt to circumvent these rules will be deleted, and the poster will be warned. Repeated violations will be subject to additional disciplinary action, up to and including banning.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
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