NFL Wild Card Weekend

Pick winners of each game...

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Predictions, and feel free to discuss...

Here are the matchups:


San Francisco @ Green Bay
New Orleans @ Philadelphia


Kansas City @ Indianapolis
San Diego @ Cincinnati

I have enabled the option which allows to select "multiple responses" so you may predict winners of all 4 games...
I am gonna be pulling for the Niners to win, but something tells me they are gonna struggle in Green Bay, and the Pack are gonna take advantage of their struggles, on both sides of the ball....

New Orleans, I think, will torch the Philly defense, and plus, being a Cowboys fan myself, I can never find myself mustering the strength to root for the Eagles....

I think Andrew Luck will shine in Indianapolis. I think he will feed off of the energy of the home crowd and put up big numbers. KC will hang around until the end, though, so it will be a close game in the end...

The Bengals are my dark horse to go to the Super Bowl. 'Nuff said...
I'll tally up points through the entire playoffs again like I used to do if everybody wants to post their predictions in the thread. Points are 1 for correct picks this round, 2 for corrects pick the next round, then 4 and 8 for Super Bowl with bonus points available.

BTW, here are the dates/times/channels:

Sat, Jan. 04, 1:30 PM PST NBC
Kansas City @ Indianapolis

Sat, Jan. 04, 5:00 PM PST NBC
New Orleans @ Philadelphia

Sun, Jan. 05, 10:00 AM PST CBS
San Diego @ Cincinnati

Sun, Jan. 05, 1:30 PM PST FOX
San Francisco @ Green Bay
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Hmmm, who was the only person to pick San Diego over the Bengals? Er ... that would be me.
I actually was debating that myself for the longest time, but something told me to not count them Bengals out this season. I don't quite know what that something was, but I guess I should not have listened to it...


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The Bengals were playing at home and were never beaten at home. There were a lot of reasons to pick them. I honestly didn't know if they were good or bad and took a guess. :oops: