NFL 2021-2022 Season Thread


Hall of Famer

At this point, I'm rooting for the Niners to win games just to see Deebo get OPOY talk more than anything else. The dude just ran through Aaron Donald like he was a peewee football player.
It’s crazy how Donald turns into a little kitten against the Niners. Remember when he was like “Deebo who? I don’t know that name,”

I’m all for losing so Trey gets some development time, but I’m also for the Rams falling flat on their faces.
Annoying to see the Patsies make the Playoffs - they'll be fodder for sure, but would've liked to see Bitchelchek deprived of that.
Falcons offense gets strong armed by Patsies - team is again bad this year - lucky to win 7 games.
I've been down on the Niners of late but how in the world do these Falcons have the same record as them?
49ers have had a tougher strength of schedule.. Garrapolo is about as good as Matt Ryan - but the 49ers still have a quality defense....The Falcons have neither. They've won against the Jets and Giants, no great feat - they also nipped the Dolphins and Saints. Dolphins are having a very disappointing year and the Saints have been up-and-down but think they will be a wild-card team.

Remember when Rosen complained about not getting enough snaps after playing the entirety of the second half of a preseason game and asked to get cut by the Niners and immediately wound up being the backup QB for the Falcons? That would apparently seem to be entirely because the Falcons suck.
Rosen is a classic case of a lack of hunger. It was an issue at UCLA and it's an issue now in the pros. Sad, because he has the arm and touch to be a top tier qb.
Even with last weeks win I’m still pulling for a big L this week. The faster we move to Trey, the better.
At this point I dont care much - the draft damage is done. They're in limbo play-wise. Lance's picture is muddy, and I'm leaning toward a bit pessimistic, if weighing the draft capital, worse. See how Wilson Jr comes back. My new guess is they will finish with 6, 7, or 8 wins. 7 most likely. This season is a factor more disappointing than last year though.