NFL 2020-21 Pre-season


The Game Thread Dude
Nvm, to the IR he goes which is apparently 3 games minimum this season?

Yeah, I mean, 3 games is nothing and with Reed and McKinnon currently uninjured, Shanahan and Jimmy still have more weapons to work with than last season.

Also Dante Pettis has apparently been looking good in practice.
(There is a better than zero chance the game gets postponed due to poor air quality though)


Hall of Famer
I cannot shake the feeling that Buckner’s loss is going to have such a huge snowball effect on the entire defense. Armstead at the very least is going to revert back to just a (very overpaid) guy without his superior friend next to him taking double teams every snap.

Prove me wrong, fellas. I’m ready for crow.


The Game Thread Dude
A byproduct of no preseason is sequences like that. Probably the first time the punt protection unit has seen live bodies since the Super Bowl.