New Era Prediction Game 2017-18: Game Over!! See You in a New Thread Next Season

You're holding your ground alone so long, my mate...

Just this once, please accept my vote of confidence.
I INSIST on joining you for a bubulina-prediction.

Together we will score the first ever FULL 100 in our game! :D
(What are the odds, huh?) o_O

Kings 111
Grizzlies 99

If you feel that I'm invading your space here, with this co-prediction
I will pay my tribute to your determination in a proximity-prediction
(like Kings 110 - Opponents 98, for instance)

Please let me know
Challenge accepted. I'm few days late but who cares... Furthermore, after hearing Rudy, I really wish we will win this one..
Us 111
Rudy and company 99
A predictable L...

And predict it we did.
9 of us predicted it, with a TRIO at the top:
@LoungeLizard, @Capt. Factorial and @Telemachus all scored a full 60.



It was @LoungeLizard's 10th, @Telemachus' 7th and @Capt. Factorial's 5th daily win this season.



Going into the last game, April is not won yet!


Season Leaderboard

No changes in ranking, except @burekijogurt, who climbed to #21, over @km23.

Just one last game to go, before we crown the season winner of our prediction game. o_O

One last game, and the leader - @Ron - is still 5 small points behind the intollerable "FlatLiner" (a constant strategic test-prediction of a 97-106 loss, running against us human predictors, as suggested by @R2D2)

You get it?
That "theoretic crap" :mad: predictor is beating us all by sheer consistency in attendance and one well-aimed L-prediction.
We just have to beat and discredit that ****er! :)

BTW, the next in rank - @New Era - is only 31 points behind @Ron and 36 point behind the FlatLiner.


Points Per Prediction



Longest Season Streak Correctly Predicting Winner......14 - @New Era in games 53-68 (absent in 2 of them)
Longest Active Streak Correctly Predicting Winner...........
6 - @Ron
Longest Streak Incorrectly Mispredicting Winner..............
8 - @El Paljasso in the first 9 games (absent once)
Longest Active Streak Incorrectly Mispredicting Winner...
1 - @VF21, @origkds and @bubulina
VERY LAST GAME of the season,
vs the
VERY BEST TEAM of the season
at the
VERY BEST ARENA in the nba

Scoring System:

A short reminder of the scoring system:
You can total as much as 100 points for one prediction:
1. You get 40 pts for predicting the winner.
2. You get up to 30 pts for predicting the point difference of the game (directional difference! +10 is not the same as -10!)
3. You get up to 15 pts for predicting the final score of each of the teams (30 pts for both teams together)
Here's a chart to sum it all up: View attachment 5791

Prediction Rules:
  • Predictions are for the FINAL SCORE (official game result)
  • Predictions must be made ON THIS PREDICTION THREAD.
  • Predictions must be made IN ADVANCE (before the game's tip-off).
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Well, since the Rockets will most likely be putting a team consisting of towel boys, random Houston fans and maybe a retired astronaut or two on the court I'm gonna go big:

Kings 112
Not kings 99


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Yay me! :p

Thanks again, Ron, for the incredible amount of effort you put into this for the entire season. I know there are a lot of us here who truly appreciate it and are already looking forward to next year.

Congratulations to New Era, Ron and Capt. Factorial. :)