New “City” uniforms!

There’s a reason jerseys haven’t had the full city name since 2014–it’s too long, especially in all capitals. That font evokes 2008-2013 to me, which even by our standards is not a particularly happy time.
why can't we get some cool relic of hip 80s sacramento like the Miami Vice city jerseys.

Maybe Yellow and Red and steal Tower Records font.

Vivek if you read this and steal it please send me to a game thanks.
*it actually fits in pretty neatly with all the neon signs of old Sacramento that adorn the halls, still the most exciting thing besides the games that have me juiced about eventually making it to G1C.


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Man, so freakin’ boring like all of our unis. I want an obnoxious loud change of pace.

Like an updated remake of the GOLDS.
Considering how long it takes to get jerseys done, I wouldn't be surprised if that'll be the case next season, what with their sudden increased presence in team media.


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At least these jerseys use our team color scheme. (Looking at you, Red jerseys).

I'm also a sentimental schlub but I really like the David Stern signature and quote touch. (You can also tell that this jersey was very much designed in the immediate aftermath of his death.)

Throwback jerseys, BTW, are a totally separate category of jerseys in the Nike roster than City Editions, hence some teams seemingly having seventy different jersey designs in one season.
I'm okay with these. The purple gear that looks blueish on tv are bit too purple for me in person. Looking at buying some gear for my kids soon. Wonder if they have any old haliburton 21-22 city jerseys on deep discount?


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There was a reveal video during the game tonight. Showed some of the guys in them, and it looked like they might have a silver sheen to them and not just be matte grey, which would change my entire opinion on these. I love those shiny uniforms of NBA’s yesteryear and would be so pumped if we brought that back.
As alternate jerseys go, these are better than most. The quote about keeping the team in Sacramento is a nice touch. Recent uniform designs have felt pretty generic in general -- clean but generic. It's nice to see a little more thought put into customizing this in a way that's specific to our franchise history. Perhaps we don't have a lot of history worth celebrating, but we have some!

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compared to some of these city jerseys (looking at you Warriors) I have to say ours are pretty good
Something is actually messed up with the color balance on that image - there are a ton of "brown" uniforms and no black ones. From some of the team photos posted in the comments, some of the brown ones are actually black - perhaps all of them.


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Miami’s jerseys look amazing. The creativity that goes into their designs is what a lot of the others are missing.
Ew. Good thing it's missing. Those are hideous. Brooklyn's and Golden State's as well (in particular) - who would want a big *** rose on the bottom of a basketball jersey?!?!?!
I'm not a fan of Miami's - their Miami Vice one set the bar a few years back.

Charlotte. Ummm, obviously there were lots of adults in the room for that one and missed the obvious. Or there were no adults in the room at all.

Portland changed our airport carpet out around 2015 or so and the new design shows up exactly nowhere while the old one is recreated seemingly every month.