[NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (NOV)

Took 5 games, but you already see the serious serious downside to this PHX roster build. If one of their stars are out, you need the other 2 to go absolutely nuclear. 28-6 on 15 shots from KD not good enough, even with the near monster triple double from Book. And it's probably not great KD has to go:

36 min
37 min
29 min
39 min
36 min

in their 5 games so far this year. Just asking for him to get hurt with that workload
It’s funny that the NBA doesn’t so much as put a decal on the court indicating it’s the Playoffs anymore but they decided to go all out for this in season tournament nobody will care to win


The Game Thread Dude
And then Dray hits Payton with the potential game winning lob to totally redeem himself. Thunder hanging tough down one with the ball and 21 seconds left.