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The only problem with Poeltl is that he's on the last year of his deal. He's in his prime, great size, great rebounder, good passer, takes good shots, can protect the paint. I'd easily send Holmes on an extend-and-trade, but 1) San Antonio probably wants a lot more, and 2) Poeltl probably doesn't agree to an extension. Oh well.
The match up for the ages just occurred Bol Bol (12/13/4 blocks) vs Poku (16/9/3 blocks/2steals) imagine next year when the Magic get Wemb and Chet comes back better than ever Wemb/Bol vs Chet/Poku I'm not sure the world can handle it.

Bol Bol has looked great so far another PF the Nuggets seemed to have pissed away and kept useless Gordon.


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Kyrie doing everything he possibly can to make his whole latest situation worse while meanwhile Josh Primo is arguing that he didn’t know his penis was flapping in the wind. Just another Thursday in the NBA.
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