[NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (DEC)

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Michael Beasley with his "this is why I was a #2 pick game" he went nuts on the Celtics in the 3rd/4th scoring at one point 22points in a 10 minute period. They tried everyone on him including Smart/Horford but he was just on.
The end of the Rockets Celtics game was nuts. With 10 seconds left or so, Marcus Smart drew 2 offensive fouls on Harden on inbounds plays. Celtics complete the comeback. Fun watching Harden not get calls and lose his cool.
Yeah that was nuts, glad I left the game on when it was a blowout. That 2nd half of the rockets was rough.. I know they have a couple big pieces out but that looked like playoff Rockets.

I’m not a big fan of Smart, but that was a fascinating sequence to watch


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Rockets now losers of five straight. Strange NBA season so far. Couple of rookies showing out tonight, Dennis Smith with a triple double. Markannen drops 32. Cousins with his third 30/20 game of the season, in a losing effort.
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