MLB Thread - 2023


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We’re here! In the land of pitch clocks and anti-shifts and ghost runners.

In some non/shocking news to start us off, Rodon is hurt. A strained forearm. One of the few moves this off-season I was happy with was letting him walk. Too much injuries for the length and cost.


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Pitch clock is SO good

I maybe would like 5-ish more seconds on it? Moreso late innings. But otherwise, I don't think it could be working any better than it has so far.


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Pitch clock is SO good

I maybe would like 5-ish more seconds on it? Moreso late innings. But otherwise, I don't think it could be working any better than it has so far.
I was pretty salty about the bases loaded, tie game, full count, two out …. BATTER BOX VIOLATION INNING OVER game that happened earlier in spring. But I’m getting more and more used to it as it goes.

Last inning should have more time.


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It appears that the Christian Pache era in Oakland is over after just 91 games. I'm excited about seeing Shintaro Fujinami throw 100mph fastballs against MLB hitters but other than that this team keeps giving me less and less reasons to watch.

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People will always complain about bad sports league commissioner A or B or C but the correct answer for worst commish of all time always will remain Bud Selig.
You know, I saw this when it was first posted and found it fairly upsetting, but running across it again, I think it's worse than just upsetting. I'm not an A's fan per se, but I do like to smile at their successes from afar.

So to think that you had a Hall Of Famer, inducted as an Oakland Athletic no less, a passionate lover of baseball, who had put together an ownership group funded by Bill Gates that was willing to go above any other bid to buy his former team...and Bud Selig said, "You know what the Athletics need? Not THAT. They need my college buddy to buy the team and run it into the ground." Unfathomable.

Heartfelt apologies to all A's fans everywhere. Sorry I couldn't have been commissioner at the crucial moment because it would have turned out very different, for the nothing that that's worth.


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The A's have progressed past the depressingly sad part of their traditional "blow it up because our cheapskate owner refuses to pay anyone" once-every-five-years rebuild process and might finally be back at their plucky fun roster of no-names are surprisingly not awful stage. Sure, I literally know like three of the names on the active roster and the MLB is hellbent on moving the team to Vegas but at least we're a year removed from Billy Beane trading like four MVP candidates for a grab bag of middling prospects and Shea Langeliers.

Been so long since the Kings were worth paying attention to at this time of year that I’ve been late to get started with the Giants. Didn’t follow a lick of spring ball and forgot opening day came and passed. Also, I wasn’t very excited about their roster this season.

watching this game though
Interesting. Giants didn’t have a hit on a 3-0 pitch all of last season but 2 in this game.

seems like an awful lot of games to that predictably not swing at 3-0 pitches. Glad the strategy is changing

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Lol, starts pouring rain, two pitch clock violations, bases loaded, and even the game ending double play had both ends of it not cleanly touching the bag.

Giants escape disaster. 161-1 still in play
Good to see the 12 hits today after the shutout. Cobb looked great, looking forward to him getting full stretched out.

Bart just might be donezo. Looks like we signed Gary Sanchez and he has incentives up to $4mil if he makes it up to the big league club. With Sabol's versatility and Perez being a better defensive catcher, not sure if we're actually going to give him a shot.
Well good to see my Rays sweep their opening series against the Tigers. I think we have a legit shot at winning the WS I really do, as long as our pitching is as good as everyone thinks it will be(Please get back soon and stay healthy Glasnow!).
Joc getting off to a good start. Giants offense continuing the time honored tradition of either looking like a AAA team, or the best offense in baseball