Mike Bibby's son

Mike Bibby's son is a guard at Shadow Mountain High, prospect for the 2016 draft, ranked in the top 80 recruits. He has already received offers from Memphis, Oregon, Gonzaga, USC, TCU, and Florida State, among others. Wouldn't it be crazy if we ended up drafting him? It's almost frightening how much he plays like his father. He has the same release on his shot, similar crafty handle, and his skill set is not that far behind.


I saw some clips of him...and your right about father and son shooting style

Hopefully he will be better then his father. Just like Stephon curry and dell curry lol....mike Bibby is one of my favorite kings of all time sucks he never made one all star appearance..but at least he made a big name out of himself in the NBA world as a clutch player during his kings days..