Maxi Kleber

The FA center debate has been a hot topic among Kings fans. However, one name I haven't seen many people bring up is Maxi Kleber. He's a 27 year old RFA from Dallas.

6'11 240lb PF/C. Here's his stats for the season:
21.1mins: 6.8pts 4.6rebs 1.1blks 1.0ast 0.5stl

- 45.3/35.3/78.4​
  • 45.3% FG on 5.4 attempts
  • 35.3% 3pt on 3.1 attempts
  • 78.4% FT on 1.0 attempts
He's a good 3pt shooting big man who also provides rim protection. He's athletic enough to be able to switch on defense. He's also adequate enough to fair decently in the perimeter. His strengths come as a help defender. I've gathered some videos from youtube that highlight him as a player.

Here's a 17pt highlight against the Kings this year showing his offensive versatility:

Here's a 10pts 6blks performance that highlights his shot blocking ability:

Here's a small clip of his perimeter defense potential:

Big men who can shoot 3s and protect the rim are coveted in today's NBA. He'll be a restricted free agent, so the Kings would have to offer more than the Mavs are willing to pay. I can see a team using the MLE to sign him. How would something like 3 years $36million sound? I think he'd provide the perfect shooting ability to pair with Fox and Bagley.

Fox: 37.1%
Buddy: 42.7%
Barnes: 39.5%
Bagley: 31.3%
Kleber: 35.3%
I think the Kings can do better. I've never watched a Dallas game and been impressed with Kleber. In fact I hardly ever even notice he's out there.
Yeah I like Kleber, but once again, he's not really all that different than what Bjelica brings. More switchy on D absolutely, but more or less the same kind of stretch 4 skills, makes good IQ plays, etc.
These are the types of guys i hope we start seeing ghe Kings pursuing early in free agency i.e. under the radar players with fit, skills, and upwards trending, the old diamonds in the rough

If nothing else it would demonstrate that our front office has looked at everyone seriously


Hall of Famer
I think that if your looking at a player like Kleber as your backup center, that's fine, but not as your starting center. Our starting center, whomever that happens to be, has to be a difference maker, and while Kleber would bring a couple of assets that Willie doesn't bring, the upgrade wouldn't be significant. Kleber made just a tick under 1.4 mil last year. I don't think any team is going to offer him 12 mil a year. No offense to Kleber, but he's playing backup center to Dwight Powell, who in my opinion is a backup center.