Lyles has MCL injury

Do people think Brown just hasn’t been playing Sasha? He’s been unavailable and there’s been no word about him being reevaluated or coming back anytime soon from the grade 3 ankle sprain.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Trey is back before Sasha, or they’re back at the same time. Ankle sprains can last a long time.

So somebody else is going to have to step up in the meantime.

Maybe Kessler but for somebody physically stronger perhaps it’s time to see what Slawson has. He’s almost a 25 year old rookie so let’s see how he does with the big club. If not now then when?

Chances are we won’t see a next man up and will just see the guys already in the rotation re-purposed as we saw after Trey went out vs Lakers. Briefly with Domas at the 4 and then riding HB and Keegan more.
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I think Keegan or Barnes will spend most time at the 4, staying at times with the 2nd unit when the Kings will have 3 guards (with Huerter/Keon at the 3), switching places (like Fox/Sabonis with the 2nd unit do).
Is there a possibility to sign someone for 10 days and if so are there any power forwards available that are worth a trial?
Noel that came in the preseason hasn't playing for any team since then? No G-League no Puerto Rico no overseas? Is he retired or something?
Anyone watching the Stockton Kings to tell how Skal is doing? He gets good numbers I see from tweets etc but have no idea what's his impact in defense if he can shoot the 3, but as a body he has similarities with Trey. Back in his Sacramento days the league was not as much 3 point oriented but still he was taking some shots from distance.
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That said, it does open up minutes for a 3 guard lineup that so many of us are effectively clamoring for with a desire to see Keon start, and also finding meaningful minutes for Kevin (and Davion, not to mention Duarte).

Unless Edwards raises his hands and makes a claim for more minutes at the 3 spot.
A "wreck" is the common term for a horse accident. A ranch gelding spooked real bad and headed for a steep drop off. I bailed off him and did not land very well. Six weeks made a big difference. A strain should be much shorter healing time.
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I ripped an MCL in a horse wreck. They heal up really well but take some time.
Same, minus the horse, but still in cowboy boots. Hiking in them. I have since reconsidered my hiking footwear choice. Confirmed by MRI, not a small tear. Got one shot of PRP. I'm 99% now. But, took some time.

A surgeon wanted to operate and take out part of my meniscus. Borderline criminal.

Injectibles of all sorts for joints have made incredible progress in the last ten-15 years years.

I hope they try the nonsurgical route first!
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