[Game] Kings vs. Suns, 12/26/2020, 7PM PST, 10PM EST

How many Fox given?

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Here’s the problem with Cojo.....shot not falling and he’s not stopping Booker right now. Our offense bogged down with him.
He's too small. This the same thing we saw with Luka. Cory is a good on ball defender when going against similar sized players. Then his backup is 180 pounds of SF. The only thing keeping them in this now was Whiteside going full Shaq mode inside.
Belly and Whiteside can work well. Belly can strategically get beat and lead people to Whiteside. On offense, Belly's iq can mask Whiteside's lack of by getting him easy buckets.
But the other team says, "gobble, gobble, pick and roll, yummy". That was nice seeing them use Whiteside inside though. Then they went away from it.
Sac would be better off subbing in GR3 for Cojo
Again, this dude still for some reason hasn't figured out the small ball thing. Keep as much size on that wing as you can so you can switch. It's not rocket science. The Suns were running 6'6" 6'8" and 6'8" back at the Kings. Maybe there is a benefit to 3 PG's but who's going to shoot it?


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Frustrating.....we have the ability to match up better than having Bjelica out there trying to guard Mickla Bridges and other switchable guys
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