[Game] Kings vs. Clippers - 4/2/2024 - 7:00PM PST/10:00PM EST

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Not terrible. The bad news is we had a 16 point lead. The good news is we are somehow ahead when the Clips shot 54 percent from 3, we have fouled a three point shooter 2 times and also fouled on a long two for an and 1.


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Barnes needs to join the party in the second half, dude has 1 steal and.... That's it.

Lyles and Davion hitting their 3s has been huge. And hey, maybe the refs will let Keon play defense?! Who knows


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Clippers committed their fourth team foul with 9:41 and then didn't get called for their fifth until the 1:01 mark. I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't believe they actually went eight and two-thirds minutes without committing a foul.
James Harden is allowed to grab the guy he’s defending’s jersey because otherwise he’d hit the floor on every other possession and cause thousands of dollars worth of hardwood damage every night.
Great performance from the bench on both ends. Len, Trey, and Davion. Sasha was playing good defense too I thought but nobody is finding him behind the arch.

Pretty lackluster from the starters overall. Fox is in one point per shot mode. That inefficiency usually doesn’t bode well when it comes down to it. I like the 5 assists though

Domas played solid but he needs to attack more. Team got a little too three ball happy at the end.

Keon foul trouble.

Barnes got a quick hook in the second quarter which tells me that Trey was playing very well, but they aren’t expecting much from HB for the rest of the game. We’ll see.

Keegan played well.
I was disappointed that the Clippers went on a run in the second quarter just as soon as Sabonis checked back into the game. All of a sudden, the team looked disorganized and the defense less effective. As a result, he was -9 in the first half. Murray and Barnes were both -8.
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