[Game] Kings vs. Clippers - 4/2/2024 - 7:00PM PST/10:00PM EST

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Kawhi is OUT, knee injury
Ty Lue knows our weakness.
All fantasy sites mentioned it...here is one from a Clippers journalist.

According to fantasy sites, Normal Powell will start in his place.
Powell will be anything but Normal tonight.
Norman Powell about to have himself a night. Career high 44 points incoming. You heard it here first. :p:p:p
Powell will be anything but Normal tonight.
Yeah my bad, Norman, used to be the biggest competitor for the 6th man of the year award to Malik some months ago.
So Paul George will be at 4, with 4 shooters in the lineup, will challenge our perimeter defending for sure. On the other hand the Clippers (that are on a bad run) have been having issues with their opponents threes themselves lately.

Ok I’m not counting on anyone being in or out because you just never know what we’re going to get from anyone lately. But it would be fun and great if we can come out smoking and in their face and grab this one game! And I want to just say I’m so excited to see Keon Ellis in defense, offense etc now Fox HB Keegan and of course our ox, Sabonis let’s light the beam! HEAR US ROAR


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Well..... here goes nothing!

Been doing my vocal exercises, fully prepared to either yell at the refs and/or shout LFG over and over again for the next 2.5 hours or so!

Go Kings!

Edit: No Kawhi? Nm... I'm not watching this L
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This is not basketball by both sides, only Keegan took some normal shots for us. Fox with some absurd shots, Sabonis already gave the ball twice (and it is becoming a habit, does he lead the league in turnovers?), and Keon 2 quick fouls.
Does Scott Foster have beef with anyone else apart from Chris Paul to take advantage of it?
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