[Game] Kings V. Pistons 1/10/17 7:30 PT / 10:30 ET

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In annoying news Malachi Richardson got assigned to Reno earlier today. (Because of weather and inability to travel he was recalled)

But so much for those minutes I was still hoping he'd get at some point. :(:rolleyes:
Going to be a challenge getting in the building tonight, it is pouring! Everyone drive safe! Need a big game from Rudy tonight. Drummond is a tough matchup for Cuz. Likely to be a few big rejections. Keep calm for once DMC.
Napear: "There's a lot of standing around going on". Yeah, that is what happens when Rudy Gay is on the floor.

I noticed that Kings players have to stand and watch Rudy get his points.
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Drummond was at three point line when Grant said Collison missed a lay-up because of his shot blocking presence....this is why I have the game on mute 97% of the time :)
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