[Game] Kings v. Heat - Friday, 2/8 - 7PT/10ET

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Please Great God Naismith. Take away the voices of some of these idiot reporters allowed into the locker rooms after the games. They're trying to force the players/coaches into saying something to match their agenda. Thank goodness Joerger, Barnes and now Burks didn't take the bait.
Considering he just got here, I think he and the team are already showing that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. ;)
Oh no doubt. If things work out right Bogdan you just found your right hand man to take pressure off you in Alec Burks and Fox and Buddy got their new best bud in Harrison Barnes. Hopefully life becomes a little easier for the trio that's carried this team this year.


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Of all the things I complain about Willie for, that’s not at the top of my list. There was one play where someone (probably Whiteside) grabbed a rebound over him and put it back in and Willie didn’t even leave his feet or contest the outback... That was far more irritating than that tweet.
great come back guys and we find ourselves like 2 games out of 6th. With the spurs playing the jazz and the clippers in the garden Saturday we can gain some ground.

Let’s get these next two before the break and get some practice in and look out western Conference.

Well I did not expect Barnes to play 37 his first game with us but the two new guy did well for us.
Barnes low key had an impactful game. Never tried to do too much even though at some point in the third quarter he had to be thinking:

“wait, they’re saying I’m a third or fourth option on THIS team?”
His defense is good, so much better than what we have had to bear witness to on the wings. Wade got hot on him in the 1st half but Barnes knows how to play defense. On offense he needs to cut more instead of hanging out behind the line. He made a stupid entry pass but overall he makes good decisions with the ball. He needs to run harder in transition. He is not used to playing the pace we play. I will likely like Barnes for the extent of his tenure knowing we got him for nothing. He's like a free player and a definite upgrade even if overpaid. He is going to Top 3 for us in terms of getting to the free throw line with Fox and Bagley.
Elephant in the room: Marvin was... oh boy
Elephant in the room? Marvin is an awesome player who had an off game. Don't be so fickle towards a guy with All-NBA talent. It is challenge for everybody right now trying to gain comfort and familiarity. It is not easy incorporating two new guys with minimal practice, when you a key player having the worst shooting slump of his life, and your center is brooding over whatever. It is encouraging to me we won this game playing so bad.
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