[Game] Kings v. Clippers - Saturday, 11/25 - 7 PT


The Game Thread Dude
When he's in with Willie, Z-Bo's being put in the old Gasol high slot in Joerger's offense and the high-low action has been killing the opposing defense.
Sorta feel for Justin Jackson though, who's only sin appears to have been being the only small forward on a team finding success with three guard lineups.
Nothing against Jackson the Kings offense has been appalling. Anything that resuscitates it is worth repeating (for Joerger). These are big games if offensive consistency can take form.
If anyone needs to grow dreads its Jackson. He just looks to clean cut and soft.
Otherwise great game so far. Mitchell another solid game in the Utah win, but hey if we had Mitchell no way we would have taken Mason who is quickly becoming my favourite King.