[Game] Kings @ Suns - Tuesday, Jan. 7 - 6PT/9ET

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Oh and the Refs were horrible............................once again. In one sequence Harry is called for body checking Booker. then on the next play Fox is body checked the same or perhaps even harder and NOTHING!

The Kings should start lobbying the NBA to get the games called fairly. If they are already doing this then they need to double their efforts!

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My first post in the last Suns/Kings gameday thread was actually meant for this game.

Good game. You guys have some players who don’t quit no matter and play for pride while the Suns besides Booker are full of players that play for only the paycheck.
One team's dramatic comeback is another team's back-breaking choke job.
The Kings played with some confidence last night. The easy win over GS seemed to help.
The Kings showed their defensive identity which won them the game.
DA Fox is everything we hoped for. Taking over the game in crunch time and playing defense on Booker. Going hard at both ends.
Credit to Ariza and Joseph playing like veterans. They always play defense but got involved more in the offense. Great performances.
Dedmon played like we expected him to early in the years. Giles brings the intensity.

Watching all the non calls last night reminded me of a Little League baseball game I was in during the fifth grade. The ump missed everything. One of our players, about 13 years old handed the ump a business card for an optometrist. He got ejected but it was really funny at the time.
With CJ actually taking open shots and hitting some makes a big deference on how a team plays him. We should start to see more teams stop sagging of him and actually have to come out to guard him.

I will be curious to see how playing fox and CJ together works out as with his defense and having two guards that can actually bring the ball up is huge as long as he can score a little. Last night was great but it’s a small sampling but at least Walton was willing to change this up.
Trae Young hasn’t been on a good team since high school, but he’s top 10, huh? Anyway, I know it’s super fun to play with guys who pound the rock the whole time, launch 35 footers and play zero defense. Those are the guys I look for when I’m trying to hold down the court for a couple hours. I’m sure anytime now his teammates will realize how much fun they are having.
dude go to the podcast and tell them. I almost refused to answer the question because I knew this would be the response. It wasn’t my opinion. I was passing on the data
yeah the win was nice but my excitement is tempered by the age of the guys who won it:

Dedmon 30
Joseph. 28
Bjelicia. 31
Ariza. 34
They all got 30-50+ years left.

Speaking off the Suns they traded away the best value contract SF (non rookie) in the NBA for a 2nd round pick pretty amazing stuff TJ Warren/Oubre/Booker with a actual PG in Rubio would have been nice.
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