Kings Summer League Roster/UFA Signing Thread

So many of the UDFA's are off the board already... lots of players I'd have hoped to see the Kings scoop up (Justin Powell, Sir'Jabari Rice, Alex Fudge, Colin Castleton to name a few)

Jazian Gortman and Charles Bediako unspoken for rn it seems... Nadir Hifi and Malcolm Cazalon too.. Efe Abogidi..
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I was (am still) hoping we'll take a chance on Oscar.

We need front court help badly. He's an older player who might be more ready.

Unless we have some other guys in our sight (unlikely, or we would have signed them already), we should take a flier on him. What do we have to lose?
Oh cool Dane Goodwin is one of those players where you'd always look at him and wonder how things would look when he's surrounded by pros instead of amateurs..

I like both of these pickups so far..

Looks like PG has the best depth of the UDFA guys still unspoken for..

I'd be so hyped if we picked up Jazian Gortman or Bryce Griggs... or Nadir Hifi..

I kind of like the idea that the Kings pick up Efe Abogidi, he's a 6'10 PF worth developing.
Sad we didnt get Alex Fudge. Totally unsurprised that he got signed moments after the draft. NBA quality defender.

Kinda was hoping Colin Castleton would be signed after he went undrafted as well.

Not a big deal. I feel like next summer we'll be finally wheeling and dealing in these 2nd rd picks and udfa guys, next summer makes more sense than this one, lets see what we've got first, lets see where this summers free agent signings leave us.
ESPN was overrating Terquavion Smith for months and months and months afterall btw.. He went undrafted, not too long ago Givony had him pegged as the 31st pick.

I never understood that one, there was this 'correction' late in the season where they bumped him back from like 42 to 31, and it wasnt even like he was playing great when that happnened... was a headscratcher to me at the time, now it just looks like they were chasing a bad lead/intel. I think i remember posting about how crazy you'd have to be to actually take Smith over Podziemski at that point n how espns board didnt make sense cuz of it.
How could Timme go undrafted?
Has to do with todays NBA and smallball.. You see it with the Kings.. The fact we can have such success with Trey Lyles at the backup 5 on a reasonable deal is why, and he shoots 3's, quite well..

So there just isnt that 3rd string C spot on every team for a guy like Timme, these days teams have too many PF's who can flex up(the Raptors last season were a hilarious example of this going overboard), n also the compeition is playing smaller which only compounds this issue for guys like him.

Its like sorta similar to how Noah Vonleh the 9th pick in the 2014 drafts career has fizzled out...

How Richaun Holmes became a toxic contract for us, thats part of it too.. Same vein..


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I saw Azoulas Tubelis signed a 2-way with Philly he's a guy I thought might have been worth a flyer if we don't have any bigs.
I strongly disagree. He can’t protect the rim, he’s not a floor spacer, and his best games in college were as a high usage post player. I’d rather have Len.
Len will be out of the league next season potentially. Right now, players that can produce are the in thing. I think Timme can easily produce.


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It'll be a two-way contract and then we'll see if he sticks in Indiana long-term. With these second round guys there's always a chance they're still available down the line if they fill a need and no one has locked them up yet. I'm not sure we would even have a spot for him right now if Vezenkov comes over so it's better for his career that he gets a shot somewhere else where he's got better odds of finding a role.


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Monte putting together the funkiest roster in summer league. Kings can go


and have a lineup where the worst passer and shooter is probably the point guard but have ridiculous passing feel from the 3-5 slots and defensive versatility from 1-4 with a huge goalie behind them lol.