Kings select Jalen Slawson at 54th overall

Hmm. Seems a lot like Kessler Edwards in his description. I would think Edward's experience gives him the upper hand as a contributing player next year
The more highlights I watch of Slawson, the more I'm excited....Kings do their homework with this pick........his passing and shot blocking are outstanding......I was wrong - I think he'll break the rotation. He's gonna be a facilitator out there.
Slawson took it to Virginia in the tournament and then got stymied by San Diego state. Small sample size against legit teams.

It's tough to scout players from small schools when they're playing against ARC and ITT Tech.


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For those that didn’t read this, Bobby didn’t think he would he drafted which he thought would be a big mistake as he views him as someone who could be a top tier small forward. Was defensive player of the year in his conference. Defensive rating was 5 points better than his teams rating
Looked up his stats on BBRef and his defensive metrics are wild. It's obviously dumb to assume that'll follow through in the NBA because if it did, oh boy we might have something.


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Hmm. Seems a lot like Kessler Edwards in his description. I would think Edward's experience gives him the upper hand as a contributing player next year
Slawson is more of a physical specimen than Edwards. Very physical player who can shoot the ball, and is a very good passer. Ironically, I originally had us taking Slawson with the 54th pick, and then decided to have fun with it and put in a player that I figured no one would know who he was. I like Slawson a lot and he's similar player to Kobe Brown, but a better passer and a better defender. I think he's been very underrated. He has good size, 6'8" in shoes and with a near 7' wingspan. I believe he has a 8'10" standing reach, which is why he blocked 1.5 shots a game this season. He blocked 1.7 shots the previous season.

I wouldn't be surprised if the carved out a role in the rotation this coming season. Additionally, I love the Colby Jones pickup. He's a first rd talent who is like a Swiss Army knife. He can play the point, shooting guard, and small forward. Good solid defender, good shooter and a very good passer. In short, the Kings got a very good two way player. It was a fun draft to watch, and it was as I thought it would be. Chaotic. Other than the top four players, I don't think I got any other pick right. Maybe a couple but I stopped keeping track. But it didn't surprise me. I don't think anyone could predict where anyone was going to go.

Obviously the trade was to clear cap space, which bodes of perhaps a big move coming up in free agency. If the King resend the rights to all their free agents, they could have as much as 33 million dollars in capspace. That could add up to one big name player, or two or three of good solid rotational players. July 30th should be an interesting day.
Slawson looks interesting to me.

I think there's skill there just maybe needs a little more time to refine some skills.

I'm sure he'll be a contributor just needs a little bit of time as in like a year in the G-league then that's probably it.


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Here’s footage from a game against NC the year they won the NCAA championship. Slawson spends way more time running the entire offense out of the high post than I thought I see from a 6’7” forward. Nice glimpses of court vision. I don’t think I see him ever use his left hand though.