[Game] Kings @ Mavericks, 11/19/2023 4:30pm Pacific 7:30pm Eastern

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-Sneaky huge Fox got to sit the 4th quarter for tomorrow. Big difference between 31 minutes and 38+ he was projected to get in a close game.

-One game, but Duarte was actual perfection tonight on both ends for what you want a complimentary piece to be next to Fox and Domas. Was outstanding on defense, often took one of the tougher assignments, was hitting open 3's on the kick-out, was getting after in on the glass, was being an aggressive playmaker. 13-8-4-2 on 8 shots is out freaking standing. Opened my eyes quite a bit tonight.

-HB deserves props tonight. Terrible 3rd quarter, but he actually had some key defensive possessions as one of the primary Luka defenders. And the shot was bad, but he was damn good everywhere else. Was attacking the rim to be a playmaker, which is not something we're used to seeing from him.

-Keegs just a quality overall outing. Missed a few wide open corner 3's, but was excellent everywhere else. Was actually incredibly successful at attacking the rim and was doing some creation of his own. 17-4-3 on 13 shots with great defense. No complaints.

-Good to see Monk get the 3pt stroke going. This was sort of a "throwback" game from him where he was an elite off-ball shooter for Bron and AD that year with the Lakers. Not as much creation as he's had all year tonight, but he hit some absolutely huge shots.

-Nothing to really add on Fox and Domas. They're just playing like top 10 NBA players night in and night out and teams just have to hope that none of our ancillary guys are on and help them.
Is this the best win so far?
To be honest, all of the wins on this streak have been impressive other than the Portland game. I could make a case that both OKC and Cleveland are better than Dallas. The road win against the Lakers was pure domination minus a let down in the 4th that gave them some false hope. As most of us here realize now, this team is good. Really good. And we will only get better with a healthy Trey Lyles.


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I'm not going to dig jokes at Holmes. He played hard for us and was a bright spot in a couple of losing seasons
I unfortunately wasn't joking.

Having watched way too many Mavs games over the last five years, I'm convinced that the only way Dwight Powell won't end up in the Mavs' rotation despite being objectively bad at basketball is if he dies.
Is this the best win so far?
You obviously don't make sweeping changes right now when we're playing this well, but I do wonder if Sasha or Lyles in the starting 5 and HB as the "co-6th man" would be an overall positive role change for the team.

I think Sasha needs Domas to be 100% optimized and work off him in the DHO and his off-ball game. He gets stuck as a "spacer" with the 2nd unit because it's more or less just Fox/Monk attack the rim or throwing a lob to the big. Maybe you could really develop Sasha as a "Kyle Korver" lite type of off-ball player. As we saw tonight, aggressive HB is good HB and he'd have far more USG to play with in that 2nd unit grouping. I also just think his legs probably can't hold up to a big work load anymore, based on his displays of athleticism this season. Give me 25 quality/aggressive/rested HB minutes with a bigger USG workload off the bench.



Something to think about.
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