[Game] Kings @ Lakers - Tuesday, Jan. 9 - 7:30 PT


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Well, let's see. What to say?

This was already posted in the NBA forum, but I'm repeating it anyway because it belongs. :)

LaVar renews feud with Luke Walton: Lakers don't want to play for him

I generally hate watching Laker games from LA with a passion because the fans just make me want to vomit my spleen. I am going to watch this one, however, and hope like hell Fox takes Ball to school and they have at least one camera focused on LaVar during the lessons. (Come on, NBA-TV. Do it for the fans. :p )

Let's go Kings!!! (Flashback to days of yore.)


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So, you gotta wonder just how bad Fox is gonna torch Lonzo tomorrow night. It sure looks like DeFox has found his groove. I have the feeling it's gonna be a good night to be a Kings fan. :)


Is Lavarr's kid playing yet, or is he still injured?


Edit; just googled the last Lakers game and figured it out myself. :p
Someone mentioned Fox was hit in the privates in the Spurs games. It hurt for sure, but not an injury.
I suppose he's gonna get hit a lot with his style of play. He has been utilizing his pop and stop a bit more, which will be an enormous tool for him. I think we'll see a lot of that tonight.

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