[Game] Kings @ Knicks Saturday March, 9 - 9:00 AM PT/12:00 PM ET

Kings don’t deserve this game. Only player playing to his level is Fox. Others playing down levels.
They don’t deserve it, but it’s not like the Knicks deserve it either. If they were worth a damn they would’ve had the Kings buried in the first half. So when neither team deserves it it should go to the team that needs it
Why would I care about a month of data? Why do you? Thats not an indication of the player he is and you'd know that if you knew what sample size meant.
Fine go to Jan 1 and it’s 31.8% over 28 games. The point is the same, Bogdan has been struggling with his shot for some reason and NBA teams know it.
Harry is getting demolished by their 20 year old rookie C... We're gonna overlook that and bash willie?

Harry’s misses are because he’s slightly rushing it. But Harry is doing things that WCS simply doesn’t have the imagination to do. WCS is what he is, a $10 - $12m per yr player with limited bbiq.