Kings hire Luke Walton

Coach Luke Walton. What's your initial reaction?

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Lot of the players look happy with the hire.
I know there are camera angles and stuff but Harry looks around 6'9" and Marvin looks to be a legit 7' even without the hair.

Also, Bobby being in the picture probably is a good indication that he'll be on Luke's staff next season.

Luke's other assistants were Brian Shaw (famously bombed in his head coaching gig in Denver), Mark Madsen (got a head coaching gig in the NCAA), Jesse Mermuys (former Duane Casey disciple), Brian Keefe ( a long time coach who ran player development under Walton), and Miles Simon (who was retained by the Lakers after Luke got fired). To sum it up, that's two members of Luke's staff who definitely aren't making the trip and three others who might come along for the ride.
I never thought I'd say this but I think Luke Walton may be a better defensive coach for the modern NBA than Dave Joerger.
Remember, one of the main arguments against Dave Joerger coming in was his philosophy on defending the 3 point line. Little did we know that the balance of the league shifting to that exact position would become this lopsided. Defense begins at the 3 now, not at the rim.
Given Luke is married to a collegiate volleyball player and has two children.... one of the most important questions was missed...

What high school district does he plan to move in to? Del Oro would happily take the Walton children!!! CIF Champs!!!
He’s got the money, needs to go private and Christian Brothers :p
Educated guess/gut instinct. Luke talked a lot about effort, commitment, accountability. etc. I don't think he envisions Willie as an integral part of the Kings going forward.
Unless I missed something, he mentioned how important Bagley and Giles were but never WCS.

Also, we're 2/2 on Grant being a mouthpiece this season (Vlade being extended, Joerger gone), and given that Grant was talking about WCS in the same way he was Joerger...
I think the absolutely clearest thing heading into the off-season is that WCS will not be a Kings next season. This is a certainty.

He does not fit Vlade's vision and his attitude (especially post the trade deadline) are some of the reasons why he won't be back.