Kings hire Luke Walton

Coach Luke Walton. What's your initial reaction?

  • Great

  • Pretty happy

  • Unsure

  • Not real happy

  • Bummed

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I don't want to dwell on the negative especially since it doesn't really matter now but I will go on the record saying I have the same nervousness now that I had when the Kings did the obvious thing and hired George Karl. I would have liked to have seen them interview a few people and make a decision because they were confident after looking at several candidates that Luke was the right guy. That being said I wish him in the team nothing but the best for this season and will root as hard as ever. I'm sure he understands if he doesn't make the playoffs next season for your contract or not he's gone.


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My vote is great, I think Luke is perfect coach for what we are trying to run here and I would recommend to watch on YouTube where he was on Road Trippin podcast with Richard Jefferson, got to know a lot more from that podcast about Luke today.

I love this move.
Hey SLAB? Check out that podcast. I think it will definitely ease your mind.

I am really very, very, very, very happy about this move. A young hungry motivated coach for a young hungry motivated team. It is a match smiled upon by the Great God Naismith himself.
Well since you asked and you didn't specify which you are:

I need to make another account (or three) just so I can give you more likes for posting this gem!

"Oh my gosh. Michelangelo, thank you so much." :D:D:D

Anyways, as far as signing the younger Walton goes....I guess you could say I'm LUKE WARM!!!!

(apologies if anyone has already made that joke)
I am really happy about this move. Think about it, what is one thing Vlade values the most Chemistry. Obviously he felt the chemistry between DJ and the team was not ideal. Walton has had success with the youth of the lakers before LeBron came. I am confident we will be looking at the playoffs next year. I am happy to be a kings fan. Probably the most optimistic I have been in 15 years. Go Kings!!