[KINGS] Comments that don't warrant their own thread (Redux)


Front page of Yahoo Sports. Long read, almost like a catch up summary of the season so far since the media rarely pays attention to the team.
Nice read... especially the Keon Ellis part:

Undrafted out of Alabama in 2022, the 6-foot-3 Ellis went from a two-way deal to a three-year standard contract on the strength of his defense; he’s been a per-minute defensive havoc-wreaker all season, posting strong block and steal rates for a combo guard. But he’s cranked it up another notch on that end of late, using great instincts and a 6-foot-8.5-inch wingspan to swipe the ball on 3.5% of Sacramento’s defensive possessions since the All-Star break — a mark that would lead the league for the full season — and produce an absurd 9.3 combined steals, blocks and deflections per 36 minutes of floor time.

Ellis has maintained that frantic level of disruption in increased minutes and opportunities, and it has paid significant dividends for Sacramento. The Kings have outscored opponents by 56 points in 193 minutes with Ellis on the floor since the All-Star break — the highest plus-minus on the team.

The Kings have held opponents to 105.2 points-per-100 in Ellis’ post-All-Star minutes — a league-best-caliber mark.
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I am really curious to see what Mike Brown does now that he is down to only 11 men, plus two guys assigned to Stockton. What do you guys think will happen, at least until Lyles or Vezenkov return?
According to the new ringer top 100 of NBA players Fox is 22nd and Sabonis is 24th. No other King player in top 100.
Dallas and Sacramento are the only Western playoff contenders with just 2 players in top 100 (#2 and #30 for the Mavs Luka and Kyrie).
Also according again to the ringer the Kings have 60% odds to make the playoffs and are projected to finish in the 8th spot. The Suns are projected to finish 7th (79% for playoffs), Warriors 9th (40% for playoffs) and Lakers 10th (27% playoffs). All teams from 7-10 have less than 1% odds to win the title.



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The Kings being a different defensive team since Keon starting is the best intel Monte could ever have. His quest for another big piece is well warranted. Keon/Keegan being the defensive backbone make this one move from as good as it gets.
It absolute makes a Kuzma move more palatable than before we found out Keon is a starter-level role player, that’s for sure. We no longer need to search for a guy who is both a plus defender and good enough at offense and can just look for best player available period.
Not that I would mind trading for Mikal or DFS