[Game] Kings at Thunder, Friday 11/12/21, 5 PM PST (8 PM EST)

Why did Tetsujin not post the game thread?

  • He has a life

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  • He decided to turn in his Kings fandom for a used Q-Tip

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    Votes: 7 31.8%
  • He wanted Capt. to post a really crappy game thread to highlight the contrast

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Capt. Factorial

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Looks like @Tetsujin is not going to be putting up a game thread, so I guess it's up to somebody!

I haven't seen an injury report, so I don't know if Haliburton is playing.


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Somehow I get the feeling that tonight is either Walton's last night as head coach or he buys himself a few more weeks with a win.


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He said he would be busy the next few days. Good news is metu is starting tonight. No harkless. I myself will have to record and watch at normal time. So I won’t be around either. I know I’m a joy but you guys will have to wait until we get back on the west coast
Looking forward to how Giddey plays against our guards. Living in Australia and all but also thought Monte was targeting him if he fell to 9.
Wow….Metu getting a start. I like it. Knock down a 3 or 2 or 3.
This franchise is a disaster. Just a disaster. Even if it works, these calls weren't the answer last year, and not the answer now. Now, not starting Harkless is always a good thing but another year, another year of somebody clearly not recognizing what works and what doesn't. Band aids, nothing more.
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