[Game] Kings at Bucks, Monday Feb. 10, 5 PM PT/8 PM ET

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The Kings hit the road for a two game trip before the All-Star break, and the first game finds them facing the best-in-the-league Milwaukee Bucks. If there's any consolation to the way the Bucks are tearing through the league, it's that a team centered around two young stars in Middleton and an early-20s Antetokounmpo dramatically underachieved for four years before finally turning it on last year, and now they're clearly the cream of the crop. Perhaps, despite the dismal outcome of this season, the Kings can hope for the same sort of growth out of their stars in their early 20s.

This will be the game thread!
Jabari is supposed to play today, apparently he's doing fine and would've played on Sat if the med staff let him.

I'm pretty excited about his talent, I was watching some vids on him yesterday, he can def play . This team needs talent. I saw some good defensive plays too.

Hopefully he can stay healthy moving forward and if defense really is that much of a problem, hopefully Walton and staff can help a little in that regard, seems the staff has been doing pretty well as far as accountability goes this season.
So is Giannis playing or not? It feels like we always play teams when their star player is out this year.

If he does play, I can't think of a single Kings player who can match the strength or speed to stop him.

Side note: The game is on NBAtv so I actually get to watch :)
This is a huge game for us if G is out. If we could somehow win this one then beat Dallas going into the break I'm sure the team is going to feel like they can do some damage after the break.

If we get smoked maybe it goes back to the poorer play earlier in the season. Like a momentum opportunity game.
He put 33 points on the Bucks a couple months ago:)

Thanks for posting that video. If Jabari can play both ends of the floor like THAT for the Kings then a lot of us will be quite happy! He looks fluid on the court and seems to have a very nicely rounded offensive game - 3-point shooting, mid-range jumper, and good finishing at the rim. He could really add some nice scoring to at least 2 positions based on match-ups.
Pretty big opportunity here for us if we actually want to make a playoff push possible. Previously scheduled loss, now giving us an actual chance to win. Bucks are still probably a 50 win team without Giannis, so won't be a pushover game by any means but at least we have some life.

Game you gotta win being 5.5 back with 30 games left.


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I am well and truly conflicted. I HATE those stupid red jerseys with a purple passion but for some reason we keep winning with them. I guess I should just feel blessed they aren't the gold lamé.


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NICE passing. Definitely reminiscent of another certain group of Kings. :) Almost like Coachie is around there somewhere.
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