[Game] Kings at Lakers, Friday Nov 15, 7:30 PM PT/10:30 PM ET

Leading up to this season, many (if not most) Kings fans had decided that Fox and Bagley were our two top players. And now we're without both of our stars (to the extent that Sacramento is allowed to have "stars") due to injuries. Bags' broken thumb may be ready to play in another 2-3 weeks, but Fox is likely out for 3 months, or however long it takes to safely heal a seriously damaged ankle.

So where does that leave the Kings as they travel to LaLaLand to take on the Lebron and AD show? It's true that the Kings have some momentum, having won all but one close game after the disasterous 0-5 start. But we also need to consider that the Lakers have won 9 of their last 10 games. They are rolling like a well-oiled machine.

For the Kings to win, they are going to have to play a near-flawless team game. The amazing thing is, that actually seems possible! And that says a lot about how far we've come after the bad start. Of course the Lakers are the favorites. Aren't they always?

Oh yeah, I should mention that all the headlines about this game are about Walton returning to Los Angeles. I refuse to buy into that "drama." But if the Kings pull off an upset win, I have no doubt that Walton will be the happiest guy in LA after the game.
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Unfortunately, Anthony Davis is expected to return from his injured shoulder. Normally, I like to play teams at full strength, but not with Fox and Bagley out of the lineup. If it were just LBJ and his cast of characters that the Kings had to play, I'd be more optimistic. The Kings, in particular Bogs, Hield and Bjelica, are going to have to hit shots in this game, especially from 3 point land. And of course, the team is going to have to play the same stellar defense they played against Portland. It's a tall order.
I have hope as a fan, but my brain tells me we are going to get pumelled. they are too big for us to cover. also they have a quick four that can shoot threes (Kuzma) which will limit Bjelica's playing time. is Ariza available? this will be tough one. maybe if we go lights out....
Let's light these punks up from 3.

Buddy and Bogi better be on for us to have a chance. But more than anything I wanna see some defense!

Been buried, but here's are my projections:

1. Projected score: Kings 96.4, Lakers 110.6. 14.18 point difference. The spread is currently -10.5 Lakers. The data has a lot of De'Aaron Fox stats, so keep that in mind.

2. This game will come down to 3 pointers. The Kings shoot 32% more than the Lakers. 12% above league average for the Kings and 20% below league average for the Lakers. The Kings also shoot a higher percentage--7% above league average for the Kings vs. -6% below league average for the Lakers.

3. And 3 pointers defensed. The Lakers have an 11% and 10% advantage in 3 pointers given and 3 pointer % defensed. Translation, the Lakers are stretching their perimeter defense and daring teams to drive against Anthony Davis, Dwight Howard, and Javale McGee.

4. The Lakers assist more than the Kings. Lakers with 13% above league average in assists vs -9% below league average for the Kings. A 22.5% difference.

The 10.5 spread is scary, because the game will hinge on 3 pointers. A few missed or made shots can swing the spread either way, so I'm going to pass on the play especially without Fox.

The Lakers are a big, physical team. Would've like to have seen Fox and Bags play this game, because I think physicality is a critical part of their development.--playing against mean, physical teams, I mean. We'll see.