[Game] Kings @ 76ers - Friday, March 15 - 4PT/7ET

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Kings are + 9. Second game of a back to back though. Hmm...but it's Boston to Philly, so the travel ain't that crazy.

I'll take the + 9.


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Sixers going to wipe the floor with the Kings, Embiid has returned to boot. Kings killer Tobias Harris will be the leading scorer.
Not gonna be an easy one by any means, but no point in doom and glooming before tip off! This team can play with anyone (and then blow it)!

I think Fox, Buddy, and Bagley have themselves good games tonight, but we're gonna need at least two of the Bogi/Barnes/Bjeli trio to help out! As well as solid games from our roleplayers (lookin'at you, Willie!) to really have a chance.

Go Kings!
You have Boban out there and you don't run him in pick and roll every play? I just don't get it at all anymore. This is just unreal. Some hard thinking needs to be going on about what the game plan has been lately.
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