Kevin love


I think love is a great piece to pick up for next year as we turn into a win now team. Cleveland will look to trade him when Lebron leaves and we could give them young talent in return.


Draft Doncic


We’d have very good shooting and playmaking in the starting lineup. Also love is 29 and should be a good player for 4-5 years. Kofous option in helps as we could start him and play 20-24mpg while Giles gets 20-24mpg


Hall of Famer
so one of the fastest players in the NBA with fox. playing at half speed so the rest can keep up. looks you are aiming for an all white lineup btw. wanna trade fox for rubio also?
I'm all for drafting Doncic but I do not think WCS/Skal/JJ brings back Kevin Love.

So how about if Thaddeus Young decides to opt out the Kings make him a nice offer? Draft Doncic, let WCS play for a contract and let Skal and JJ develop? Kings win around 36 games as they learn to play together. Then next off season make a Free Agent move.